Welcome to the APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference 2013 located in the Kaohsiung. It is the second largest city in Taiwan. The city’s tourist attractions are located close to the harbor area. Just north of the harbor, Shoushan, or Monkey Mountain, has hiking trails that provide beautiful views of the city, and National Sun Yat-sen University is also inside the area. Kaohsiung always allows people to feel cozy and relaxed while bringing endless pleasant surprises at the same time. Kaohsiung residents, who are zealous and hospitable, like to keep their houses neat and tidy in order to warmly entertain their friends. When you enter Kaohsiung from the airport, station, highway, or harbor, you can always feel excited. What a sparkling city! Numerous modernized tall buildings, straight and clean roadways, and a green atmosphere seem to open a gate of grandeur and welcome visitors from everywhere.

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