Best Paper #1 (selected from the IVM track)
IVM-140: “3D Shape Retrieval focused on Holes and Surface Roughness” (Authors: Masaki Aono, Hitoshi Koyanagi, Atsushi Tatsuma)

Best Paper #2 (selected from the SLA track)
SS-SLA-336: “Toward Musical-Noise-Free Blind Speech Extraction: Concept and Its Applications” (authors: Ryoichi Miyazaki, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Satoshi Nakamura, Kiyohiro Shikano, Kazunobu Kondo, Jonathan Blanchette, and Martin Bouchard)

Best Paper #3 (selected from the WCN+SIPTM track)
SS-WCN-348: “Sum-Rate Maximization and Energy-Cost Minimization for Renewable Energy Empowered Base-Stations using Zero-Forcing Beamforming” (Authors: Yung-Shun Wang, Y.-W. Peter Hong, Wen-Tsuen Chen)