Information for Presenters

Oral Presentations (Regular/Special Sessions)
Presenters should arrive in their session room 10 minutes before the beginning of their session and report to the session chair. Do note that Session Chairs will be taking attendance. It is recommended that presenters copy their files to the PC in the presentation room and check the files displaying correctly to reduce the transition time between speakers. If time permits, please also test any presentation equipment that might need during the presentation.


PRESENTATION TIME: The duration of every presentation slot is either 20 or 17 or 15 minutes depending on the total number of papers in each session, which includes 3 minutes for an introduction by the Session Chair and for Q&A from the audience.  To meet the allocated time, it is recommended that you allocate about  2 minutes per slide when discussing equations or introducing novel concepts, and one minute per slide when the content is more self-explanatory. For the benefit of your audience, do keep your slides simple and easy to read. Please try not to make too many points per slide. Your cooperation is crucial in keeping the program on schedule.


ORGANIZATION OF IDEAS: Each slide should be a visual aid for you to make the key points you wish to convey during your presentation. To maintain the attention of your audience, do not read directly from your slides. It is highly recommended that you rehearse your presentation in front of an audience before delivering your presentation at APSIPA ASC. If you are presenting on behalf of a colleague, please let the Session Chair know in advance. Please also try to be sufficiently familiar with the material in order to answer questions during your session.


EQUIPMENT PROVIDED: All presentation rooms will be equipped with a laptop, a projector, a microphone and a pointing device. Each PC will be running Microsoft Windows 7 and have Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Acrobat Reader 9 software installed. Please ensure that your slides are stored in a format that can be displayed by either software. It is recommended that you carry your presentation slides on a USB flash drive.

If any other audio or video equipment is required, please contact the conference secretariat by OCT 29, 2013 to indicate your request. Please be advised that additional costs may be incurred.